Friday, July 22, 2011

The Star

July 22nd - August 22nd

My story:
From my experience this card means that you will be able to accomplish what you wanted but in a slightly different manner than you have originally planned. Prepare to get creative. Artificial over natural. If you let natural circumstances to take their course, nothign will happen, you will need to take action yourself.

General Meaning:
Need to be careful because someone is trying to destroy you out if jealousy or simply because your current happiness does not serve their needs.

The story of the card is that god Set got jealous of the happiness Isis and Osiris had and he decided to destroy Osiris. So he invited him to a party and ticked him into getting into the box which later was embedded into a tree. Isis searched for Osiris and when she found the tree, she re-membered Osiris out of the ashes from that tree and used it to conceive a child.

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