Tuesday, December 27, 2011

9 of Wands

December 27th

General Meaning:
Something that needs to be nurtured over time so it can mature to greatness. This card represents somthing or someone of great importance that needs protection in order to mature to its full potential.

My story::
Something needs to be kept a secret to allow it time and space to grow and mature to the point where revelation will no longer be able to affect it negatively.

In my case, it was when my husband and I first found out that I was pregnant and we wanted to keep it a secret because some people in our environment either would not share our joy or, in case God forbid something went wrong, would not be able to let us grief a possible loss. We thought loss could be a possibility since it was very early and a lot of pregnacies around us did end in loss.
It was my first pregnancy and we were very protective of it, nevertheless, we have decided to share the news with some people. Right after I was taken to ER with a threat of a loss. We were devastated and I was at the point where i could not even hear the words "baby" or "baby clothes" without breaking into tears. Of course there was a chance of the baby surviving but the doctor said that it's not likely.

In order to protect me, my husband asked those few people who knew not to speak to me of the baby or anything related to the baby, since there was a threat and I needed to stay as calm as possible and prevent any stress.

Well, to make a long story short, one person refused to listen and first chance the person got, they approached me and started talking about getting me baby things. Thinking that i might be loosing my baby at the same moment, the thought of any baby things was unbearable. It took a lot for me to collect myself and not to break down in public. My husband was livid that someone would do that to us.

Well, the good news is that threat of a loss was a false alarm and 6 months later we had a beautiful baby boy:) But the message this card tried to convey to us was that it would be better to keep my pregnancy a secret for longer to avoid unecessary stress and conflict.

Sometimes the meaning of this card could be as simple as babysitting. When I was starting to work with MAAT tarot, I used to ask simple question I already knew an answer for and then pull out one card. So this one time someone was coming to our house to babysit my son while we were gone and I asked a question "why so-and-so cpming to our house tonight". 9 of Wands was the card - the person was coming to take care of and protect our son who was ay to young to be able to do it himself.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Prince of Wands

December 22nd

General Meaning:
The new day and new endeavor. There is much work that has been done already; now you have come to a new level and there is more work and rapid growth to be done before results can be seen. This card suggests learning new forms of communication, learning new technologies, going back to school, learning foreign language, and the beginning of a meaningful relationship. All of this is done with joy and willingness to go forward.

My story:
This card came up in a reading for my husband when a time came for him to go back to work after spending a year raising our son. He was unsure of what he wanted to do and unwilling to learn new things, thus wasting a lot of valuable time. This card came up when he came to a point where he had to learn new skills and learn fast. He started learning new technologies and interviewing for various jobs he never thought of before. he also saw that his knowledge of foreign language may come very handy in landing some great opportunities in the workforce. There was also a surprising change in him where all of a sudden he became willing and eager to move forward, learn and apply new skills and even went back to doing his P90x exercises.


December 22nd - January 19th

My story:

General Meaning:

Molding the situation to your liking. Changing the information received based on your personal likes and dislikes or modifying the situation to suit your needs.

The Devil

December 22nd

My story:

General Meaning:
An intense karmic relationship, positive or negative. People with whom you may have work to do. Meaningful pain. There will be pain untill work is done, followed by great joy. This card represents the results of lust, greed, and other human shortcomings.

Ace of Wands

December 22nd - March 21st

General Meaning:
Time for healing, light begins to return, darkness decreases, restfulness gives way to mental activity and rejuvenation. This is a time of slow therapeutic change, a time of rest. Your reward will come from your own efforts. Beginning deepest lessons of life, returning hope and healing thoughts of the future.

My story::
healing and rejuvenation taking place. Health area of your life will get a boost of energy, getting healthier and stronger.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

8 of Swords

December 20th

My story:
I usually get this card when I am disconnected from my higher self and I start worrying about things that do not exist and imagining the worst possible. Like once I was worried about my mother and could not sleep all night thinking that my mother is in pain or hurt and I kept getting images of my mother in tears. I called my mother first thing in the morining to find out she was doing fine and had a good night sleep.

General Meaning:
A person who is brainwashed, unable to see his or her own circumstanc for what they are, as well as disconnection from the intuitive self. There is also a sense of danger where no danger exists. Self-policing.

Monday, December 12, 2011

10 of Swords

December 12th

My story:
Being stabbed in the back. But even though someone else commited this dishonorable act, you might be the one to blame. The whole stabbing in the back thing might be just your imagination. Putting aside all that is in your head, try to think about what you might have done to cause that person to act that way. The root of the problem might be in your own behavior and other person's actions are just a rebellion against you trying to control them.

General Meaning:
Hititng rock bottom. It's time to let go of an old situation and move on to something new. the experience of betrayal of trust or being backstabbed by associates means you may have been expanding beyond your personal jurisdiction and trying to control too much. letting go of some outmoded habit will set you free. Don't expect others to do your bidding; you will be disappointed by their rebellion.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Queen of Swords

Deceber 4th

My story:
Having a void in your heart that nothing seems to be able to fill. Do not judge someone just because you do not like how they act, you don't know what is behind their exterior, what have they been through.

Not getting enought of something or not getting what you want. One example would be when a friend applied for a job and did not get it. Another example would be when a friend expected something from a family member but a family member's behavior did not meet their expectations. Feeling of void when your expectations have not been met.
Usually when this card comes up, the void has been caused by something important or at least it's important to the querent.

General Meaning:
A woman who has endured significant losses and has recovered enough to reach out to other; either a widow or she has suffered a loss of a child, she somehow recovered enough from her pain to begin to reach out again. She is creative, smart, and sharptongue. Sometimes referred to as the "bitch".

Monday, November 28, 2011

9 of Swords

November 28th

My story:
This card usually comes out when a person is brooding over something, unable to let go off the thought. That's the time when you are your own worst enemy and it is necessary to let go off the painful thought or experience and move forward.

General Meaning:
A significant dream, spiritual encounter or a dream that changes your view of reality.

Dreams can be our connection to other dimensions of reality. This phenomenon is called either lucid dreaming, night terrors or astral projection.

Dreams come in a variety of depths; most of the time people dream very lightly, working out the stresses of the day. However, sometimes dreams can be very different - more like an altered state of reality - consuming and utilizing all your senses. Dreams like these hold symbolism whose meaning will unfold and deepen over time. Through dreams we can access information that helps us in our waking state.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


November 222nd - December 21st

My story:
Personally, when looking at this card I can't help but relate it to another card that also has a symbol of infinity as a part of its image - 2 of Coins. So for me, there is always a sense of deja vu, repeating one's mistakes and going around in never ending cycles. To me one needs all his/her strength to break the cycle and gain balance and stability.

General Meaning:
A strong relationship working together to create change. This relationship can be within an individual and be completely symbolic or it can be literal. This card represents the power of subconscious and intuitive over the conscious and logical. Emotions vs. brute strength.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

5 of Swords

November 20th

My story:
Almost always means you are being deceived in one way or another.

General Meaning:
The liar card.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

7 of Swords

November 12th

My story:

Often appears when precious time is wasted, when you feel like you could have been using your time more efficiently or doing something a lot more worthwhile

General Meaning:
Thievery of some kind

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Princess of Swords

November 5th

My story:

General Meaning:
Independence and self-reliance

Monday, October 31, 2011


October 31st

My story:
One of the most complicated cards in this deck for me. To this day I have not connected to it 100% and did not uncover all its depth. Hopefully some day I will.

General Meaning:
Represents spiritual intervention. Can mean judging as well as being judged.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

6 of Swords

October 29th

My story:
I am used to getting this card when a relationship or friendship is coming to a point where the best thing to do is to step away whether for a few days or for indefinite period of time or forever if the relationship has outlived itself. But it always signifies a break from someone or something without any time frame.

General Meaning:
A situation that is to chaotic to deal with. You have no option but to accept the help you are offered and leave the whole situation behind you. This card can represent a journey by water or a journey out of danger or perhaps a time to simply take a break from the situation, sitting in quiet meditation.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


October 23rd - November 21st

General Meaning:
The promise of renewal. The complete and total change and transformation. The end of one period and beginning of another. Things coming to an end, opening a space for new beginning.

My Story:
I pulled this card when problematic people, who were a large part of the querent's life, did a complete 180

Saturday, October 22, 2011

2 of Swords

October 22nd

My story:
This card came out once when a querent was in a relationship with energetic vampire who not only drained him emotionally but was draining his material resources as well and the best thing to do was to cut her out of the querent's life in order to allow someone new, someone better, to enter. In a healthy relationship give and take should be well-ballanced in order for relationship to grow and be mutually satisfying and successful.

General Meaning:
Nobody wins and nobody looses, we just break even. There is a delicate balance of life and death in a healthy ecosystem. This card puts you on notice that maybe it's time to cut out whatever drains your energy or resources. Time to cut the disease out of your life. First you need to create a void or an empty space for it to be filled with newness. Ending followed by a new beginning.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

4 of Swords

October 13th

General Meaning:
This card represents our connection with the past. It envokes the use of archeological evidence, forensic sciences, as well as new cultural histories,
to open new doorways to our ancestral past to learn more about our ancestors and ourselves.

My story:
For me this card always comes up whenever the root of the issue at hand lies in the past. When without looking back one cannot find the key to the future. it could be either in our past experiences, our past conflicts, old habits etc. Look back and you will find it.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

King of Swords

October 6th

My story:

General Meaning:
A mature married man, willing to put his life on the line for his people, his beliefs and his way of life. He has the ability to be invisible and uses intelligence to outwit his opponents. his sword is used as a tool rather than a weapon.

Friday, September 30, 2011

3 of Swords

September 30th

My story:
Usually this card signifies all types of pain. Harsh words were spoken, hearts broken etc. Sometimes meand breakups of relationships or simply means relationship suffered a strong blow.

General Meaning:
A broken heart, pain from loss throught death, change of plan or emotional break up. This card covers pain of all types. Opression of the spiritual by the dogmatic. Can also mean releasing the heartbreak through sharing.

Friday, September 23, 2011


September 23rd

My story:
I pulled out this card during the election time, right before results of the election were announced. My husband and I were anxiously waiting in our living room and I went to my card table and asked "Will Obama win?" and in response I pulled the Tower card. I did not know what to think since I was new to MAAT tarot and it was a first time I ever dealt with the Tower card. A few minutes later my husband and I heard on TV that Obama did win.

I took the meaning of MAAT Tower as a breakthrough, as accomplishement that was not an easy one but all the time and resources spent make the victory even more valued.
Since then the Tower in MAAT has been always a positive card to me.

General Meaning:
Usially means something has happened or is going to happen that will take you by surprise. What happened can make you feel shattered, but you will find that all situations have balance and that the situation that started out as a bad thing turns out to be something that teaches you a valuable lesson.

Prince of Swords

September 23rd

My story:
My interraction with this card took place when an aquintance heard some bad news and without thinking he verbally attacked the offenders, without taking the time out to find out what really has happened. As a result he lost a couple of friends and destroyed relationship with some co-workers. The worst part of it was that it might have been done for no good reason since he never stopped to ask himself was there really a need for agression or were people really at fault. This card always seem to come up whenever there is "blind" agression, unecessary and undeserved aggression. When looking at the card I see a warrior at war, going in for the kill without thinking, knowing that he needs to crush, to destroy, but never for one second realizing that people he is killing are not the ones he needs to fight, they are mostly unsuspecting women and children who gets hurt in the process. It is not them he should be after, but at the moment he cannot see that, blinded by thurst for blood.

General Meaning:
Represents an angry person whose pain has maid them overly sensitive and unbalanced. The rage and attitude serves as their protection, they built up a wall around them to protect themselves from being hurt again. Trust will have to be established before communication and healing can take place.
The anger here serves as protection, but be mindful what your anger can do to other people.

Signals turning point in crisis.

The Emperor

September 23rd - October 22nd

My story:
This card came out when my husband decided to make some changes in the way he related to others and stop making apologies for the way he is. He stopped restraining himself from speaking up and became more assertive as he was growing in his new role as a father and a husband.

General Meaning:

Represents a person of power who is often at the center of life of people around them. This person is not afraid to speak up and makes no apologies for the way they are. if you do not like them, it's your problem. They realize life is too short to wait for "someday", and they never miss an opportunity.

Ace of Swords

September 23rd - December 21st

My story:

General Meaning:
A time for quick and drastic change. Time of harvest when rewards come from your own efforts. Warning to take caution not to overspet and take too much.
Also this card represents burning emotion, not the light hearted emotions of the Cups, but the passion that runs deep and carries equal portions of pain and deepest satisfaction and joy. Emotion that will make you go forward and fight to get what you want.

Monday, September 19, 2011

3 of Coins

September 19th

My story:
This card came out when I was thinking of how can I help this one young woman who lost stability and security in her life. By looking on this card I figured out that what she needs is to learn a new skill, or sharpen the old one and become profecient in it, which will later become the source of security and stability for her and her family.

General Meaning:
This card represents a proven skill that identifies a person in the reading. It describes the work that has been learned and has reached its highest standard of excellence or the excellence that needs to be reached.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

4 of Coins

September 11th

My story:
Usually this card means planning for the future and taking precautions to prevent any future issues. For example this card often comes up when the querrent is worried something bad might happen (often before he/she can even see any signs of it) and tries to plan ahead. When the card is reversed, it usually means the querrent feels that he/she cannot do much to prevent the unpleasant event from occurring.
General Meaning:
Heads up that we should conserve and save for the days ahead. It's time to think about what our needs will be in the future and prepare accordingly. Be mindful of the abundance you have now and look for ways to conserve your resources so that they last longer.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

2 of Coins

September 3rd

My story:
A person assuming that if I let them get away with something before, that it will happen again. Not realizing I have had enough and their behavior will no longer be tolerated. Expecting me to act like i did in the past

General Meaning:
A sense of having done something before, the deja vu card. It puts you on notice that something will feel familiar or that you may be about to repeat history

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Princess of Coins

August 28th

My story:

General Meaning:

A sign that you are at the crossroads of your life. You have an opportunity to keep on going the way you have been or you can now take a radical departure from the norm.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


August 23rd - September 22nd

My story:

General Meaning:

Time of transition. A notice that until karmic lessons are learned, the history will continue to repeat itself. Also suggests that there will be blending and mixing of things that are considered opposites.

Friday, August 12, 2011

7 of Coins

August 12th

My story:

General Meaning:
Patience and hard work before rewards, symbolized by peasants toiling in a field. Also may represent work in stages or different stages: we see wheat growing, being harvested, processed and then bread being baked from it and freshly made bread as a result. Everything takes work, and sometimes we are just given things, but in this case we have to work for it. Something that does not just happen overnight.

Friday, August 5, 2011

5 of Coins

August 5th

My story:
When my husband finally put aside his doubtful projects and started interviewing for a job, I felt very hopeful, even though still a little afraid to believe it, but already starting to see how we could get our heads above the water if things work out for him.
That's when I pulled out this card as an answer to a question on how am I feeling right now.

To me this card represents hope and prayers and the time when you are still a bit insecure but starting to see the light and promise or possibility of future abundance.

Another way theis card can be interpreted is - ask and you shall recieve. Sometimes all you have to do is ask. You might have doubts and insecurities about whether you will get the desired result and hesitate, but it's time to put all the doubts aside and just ask. Sometimes someone on the other side of the door that you need opened just waiting for you to ask and is ready and willing to give you what you need. They are just waiting for you to ask...

General Meaning:
Represents the healing and rejuvenating powers of the Earth, especially by water.
At this time earth begins to show its abundance, giving resources of food and pure spring water for the life of its inhabitants.
Disappointments can occur if certain standards are not met.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Hanged One

August 1st

My story:
I pulled this card right before going to a marketing seminar that my husband and I got invited to by our neighbor. I pulled this card in reply to a question how will the seminar go.

Well, I was greatly disappointed by seminar since it was one of those things where they talk in a lot of words, saying very little. Loads of B.S, in other words. But, while half listening to the speaker filling us up with useless info, I got some pretty good ideas that later proved to be very fruitful, so on the way back home my disappointment and annoyance slowly turned to excitement.

It was just like the card - on the surface it looks like a dry dying wheat, but inside there is a growing fetus, the same way as useless seminar produced some fruitful ideas in my head.

Another time I pulled this card in response to a question about current situation at work. At the time I had very few projects and was bored, but I found out that there was a very large interesting project coming up and at that point in time the project was in an embrio stage and even though things looked pretty boring at work, there was a definite promise of positive change in the near future.

General Meaning:
Enlightment, the ability to see things from new perspective. Represents a stagnant time between two major events. A time when external world sees nothing that you are doing but in fact you are making rapid progress.

Friday, July 29, 2011

King of Coins

July 29th

My story:
It's a person who refuses to see life from different perspective, someone who is unable to see the obvious, and as a result takes themselves further from what they want, instead of taking themselves closer to their wish fullfillment.

This person has been burned in the past and became obsessed with security to the point that it makes them seem crazy. They have been either deprived of love and compassion and thus getting to the point that they demand it from all, or they have had so much of it, they forget to stop and appreciate all that was given to them.

For me, personally, this card has came up more than once in a reading for this one person who is very stubborn and refuses to see other people's viewpoint and as a result pushes peple away and creates conflict. His beliefs are damaging to himself and others but no amount of evidence seems to prove it to him. It is too important for him to be right, more important then having normal relationship with others. His way or the highway is his motto.

General Meaning:
A man who sees life from his own perspective, often setting his sights on long term gains. His need for security leaves him boxed in at times, and narrows his view. He has either come from money and has no understanding or sympathy for the poor, or has come from a place of want, which has damaged him and made him obsessive about wealth. His intuitive judgement of human nature is not too good, so he uses a set of prescribed criteria to judge who he will associate or do business with.

Friday, July 22, 2011

6 of Coins

July 22nd

My story:

General Meaning:
Represents a gift of some sort, either an act of giving or receiving. The little girl on the card could represent the gift of a child or the gift of future fertility, there are different kind of gifts. This card is a great card to get, becuase it means there is a gift of some kind on the way or just received.

One of those 'someday" moments is finally about to arrive.

The Star

July 22nd - August 22nd

My story:
From my experience this card means that you will be able to accomplish what you wanted but in a slightly different manner than you have originally planned. Prepare to get creative. Artificial over natural. If you let natural circumstances to take their course, nothign will happen, you will need to take action yourself.

General Meaning:
Need to be careful because someone is trying to destroy you out if jealousy or simply because your current happiness does not serve their needs.

The story of the card is that god Set got jealous of the happiness Isis and Osiris had and he decided to destroy Osiris. So he invited him to a party and ticked him into getting into the box which later was embedded into a tree. Isis searched for Osiris and when she found the tree, she re-membered Osiris out of the ashes from that tree and used it to conceive a child.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

10 of Coins

July 14th

My story:
Doing something or thinking about something or someone the same way your parents do. Taking on your ancestors' views and habits.
General Meaning:
Inheritance or legacy. can represent monetary bequest, an object or property that is inherited. Can also represent family genetics that are passed on from generation to generation, physical traits, positive or negative

Thursday, July 7, 2011

8 of Coins

July 7th

My story:
When dealing with health and well-being, usually refers to vision

General Meaning:
A person who is learning or trying out something new. Apprentice. The desire to change jobs or go back to school to learn a skill. It also suggests some exciting hobbies. Represents joy and excitement of creating.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Queen of Coins

June 30th

My story:
This card comes out a lot when dealing with a person who will put on a good face and protect their family from rumors at any cost. It does not matter what goes on on the inside, the outsider should never know there is trouble in paradise. This card often comes up for the type of person who would suffer and compromise for the sake of apearances.

General Meaning:
Represents a woman who loves being a mother and dedicates much time to her family. She will go to a great length to keep her family and its reputation safe. Her children are educated and have the best of everything in life.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

9 of Coins

June 22nd

My story:

General Meaning:
Represents wealth but not the one produced by hard work but rather inherited. Abundance and prosperity that was given, not made.
Also represents stages of development, the work it takes to get from one point to the next. Moreover it can suggest symbiotic or cooperative relationship.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Prince of Coins

June 21st

My story:
So far I didn't get much interaction with this card but it always signifies headache for me, either physical or mental

General Meaning:
Represents person working on a project. The person has the skill and the stamina to get the job done. Also signifies the project nearing completion.

The Sun

June 21st

My story:
I remember pulling out this card from the deck shortly before I conceived, so to me it will always mean conception and fertility. If not actual conception and/or fertility, it means either being fertile with new ideas or full of energy for new beginnings.

General Meaning:
The most positive card in the deck, generally means child or successful outcomes.

The Hermit

June 21st - July 22nd

My story:
In an argument with someone, when both sides are unwilling to settle and things get out of hand, The Hermit signifies the last straw: either one side will tire out and decide to move away from the argument, or it means that it's as bad as it will get and from now on things can only get better (or worse, when the situation is positive).

Another meaning Hermit card had for me when I decided not to try anymore to smooth things out with a person i had a conflict with, but instead move away and not make any attempts for communication. Let them be.

General Meaning:
Reaching the highest point, the peak of the experience. Could signify being lonely at the top.

Ace of Coins

June 21st - September 22nd

My story:

General Meaning:
A time for money and wealth. Time to find out what is really valued in life. Just take precautions not to overstep or take too much.

Represents season of summer and element of earth

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

8 of Cups

June 14th

General Meaning:
Situation where emotional issues are involved and emotional lessons were learned so it's time to move on. Represents moving on from a situation where everything that could be done was done and all there was to learn was learned. A short-lived relationship or a phase, followed by a spiritual quest.
The end followed by a new beginning.

My Story:
Not getting someone to understand your point and thus having to move on and let things be as they are. Sometimes means getting your point accross and moving on from an issue but still getting the feeling of it being unresolved, just like there is a feeling of having one cup missing on the card.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

10 of Cups

June 8th

General Meaning:
Happy family. Successful family in which the spouses learned to live with each other, made peace and resolved to trust each other. They do not need "to teach each other a lesson" for momentary "bad' behavior, they do not keep score on each other. They have learned to live with each other's flaws and little annoyances and have become each other's sunshine through the rain.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

King of Cups

May 31st

General Meaning:
A man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it, he keeps his emotions under control, and while he is sweet and charming, he is not affected by emotional drama, he just does not let it get to him. He enjoys good times but at the same time he is a loyal husband and great father.

This card signifies relationship characterized by loyalty and longevity

The Moon

May 31st

General Meaning:
Deception, illusion, subconscious mind, intuition. Relates to all things that run in cycles, phases.

Monday, May 23, 2011

9 of Cups

May 23rd

General Meaning:
be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Getting what you want is not an issue, the problem is that what you wnat is not always what you thought it was.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

High Priest

May 21st - June 20th

General Meaning:

Advisor. reaching high peak of a situation. Initiation rites.

Monday, May 16, 2011

5 of Cups

May 16th

My story:

General Meaning:

Feelings of loss, pessimistic view, and dwelling on the negative. Reality clouded by emotional loss. Time to move forward or loose your place in line.