Monday, August 1, 2011

The Hanged One

August 1st

My story:
I pulled this card right before going to a marketing seminar that my husband and I got invited to by our neighbor. I pulled this card in reply to a question how will the seminar go.

Well, I was greatly disappointed by seminar since it was one of those things where they talk in a lot of words, saying very little. Loads of B.S, in other words. But, while half listening to the speaker filling us up with useless info, I got some pretty good ideas that later proved to be very fruitful, so on the way back home my disappointment and annoyance slowly turned to excitement.

It was just like the card - on the surface it looks like a dry dying wheat, but inside there is a growing fetus, the same way as useless seminar produced some fruitful ideas in my head.

Another time I pulled this card in response to a question about current situation at work. At the time I had very few projects and was bored, but I found out that there was a very large interesting project coming up and at that point in time the project was in an embrio stage and even though things looked pretty boring at work, there was a definite promise of positive change in the near future.

General Meaning:
Enlightment, the ability to see things from new perspective. Represents a stagnant time between two major events. A time when external world sees nothing that you are doing but in fact you are making rapid progress.

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