Friday, September 23, 2011

Prince of Swords

September 23rd

My story:
My interraction with this card took place when an aquintance heard some bad news and without thinking he verbally attacked the offenders, without taking the time out to find out what really has happened. As a result he lost a couple of friends and destroyed relationship with some co-workers. The worst part of it was that it might have been done for no good reason since he never stopped to ask himself was there really a need for agression or were people really at fault. This card always seem to come up whenever there is "blind" agression, unecessary and undeserved aggression. When looking at the card I see a warrior at war, going in for the kill without thinking, knowing that he needs to crush, to destroy, but never for one second realizing that people he is killing are not the ones he needs to fight, they are mostly unsuspecting women and children who gets hurt in the process. It is not them he should be after, but at the moment he cannot see that, blinded by thurst for blood.

General Meaning:
Represents an angry person whose pain has maid them overly sensitive and unbalanced. The rage and attitude serves as their protection, they built up a wall around them to protect themselves from being hurt again. Trust will have to be established before communication and healing can take place.
The anger here serves as protection, but be mindful what your anger can do to other people.

Signals turning point in crisis.

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