Saturday, October 22, 2011

2 of Swords

October 22nd

My story:
This card came out once when a querent was in a relationship with energetic vampire who not only drained him emotionally but was draining his material resources as well and the best thing to do was to cut her out of the querent's life in order to allow someone new, someone better, to enter. In a healthy relationship give and take should be well-ballanced in order for relationship to grow and be mutually satisfying and successful.

General Meaning:
Nobody wins and nobody looses, we just break even. There is a delicate balance of life and death in a healthy ecosystem. This card puts you on notice that maybe it's time to cut out whatever drains your energy or resources. Time to cut the disease out of your life. First you need to create a void or an empty space for it to be filled with newness. Ending followed by a new beginning.

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