Sunday, December 4, 2011

Queen of Swords

Deceber 4th

My story:
Having a void in your heart that nothing seems to be able to fill. Do not judge someone just because you do not like how they act, you don't know what is behind their exterior, what have they been through.

Not getting enought of something or not getting what you want. One example would be when a friend applied for a job and did not get it. Another example would be when a friend expected something from a family member but a family member's behavior did not meet their expectations. Feeling of void when your expectations have not been met.
Usually when this card comes up, the void has been caused by something important or at least it's important to the querent.

General Meaning:
A woman who has endured significant losses and has recovered enough to reach out to other; either a widow or she has suffered a loss of a child, she somehow recovered enough from her pain to begin to reach out again. She is creative, smart, and sharptongue. Sometimes referred to as the "bitch".

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