Tuesday, December 27, 2011

9 of Wands

December 27th

General Meaning:
Something that needs to be nurtured over time so it can mature to greatness. This card represents somthing or someone of great importance that needs protection in order to mature to its full potential.

My story::
Something needs to be kept a secret to allow it time and space to grow and mature to the point where revelation will no longer be able to affect it negatively.

In my case, it was when my husband and I first found out that I was pregnant and we wanted to keep it a secret because some people in our environment either would not share our joy or, in case God forbid something went wrong, would not be able to let us grief a possible loss. We thought loss could be a possibility since it was very early and a lot of pregnacies around us did end in loss.
It was my first pregnancy and we were very protective of it, nevertheless, we have decided to share the news with some people. Right after I was taken to ER with a threat of a loss. We were devastated and I was at the point where i could not even hear the words "baby" or "baby clothes" without breaking into tears. Of course there was a chance of the baby surviving but the doctor said that it's not likely.

In order to protect me, my husband asked those few people who knew not to speak to me of the baby or anything related to the baby, since there was a threat and I needed to stay as calm as possible and prevent any stress.

Well, to make a long story short, one person refused to listen and first chance the person got, they approached me and started talking about getting me baby things. Thinking that i might be loosing my baby at the same moment, the thought of any baby things was unbearable. It took a lot for me to collect myself and not to break down in public. My husband was livid that someone would do that to us.

Well, the good news is that threat of a loss was a false alarm and 6 months later we had a beautiful baby boy:) But the message this card tried to convey to us was that it would be better to keep my pregnancy a secret for longer to avoid unecessary stress and conflict.

Sometimes the meaning of this card could be as simple as babysitting. When I was starting to work with MAAT tarot, I used to ask simple question I already knew an answer for and then pull out one card. So this one time someone was coming to our house to babysit my son while we were gone and I asked a question "why so-and-so cpming to our house tonight". 9 of Wands was the card - the person was coming to take care of and protect our son who was ay to young to be able to do it himself.

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