Friday, February 10, 2012

5 of Wands

February 10th

General Meaning:
Banter and gaming, friendly rivalry. The older man mentoring and challenging the skills of the younger male, knowing he will inevitably forfeit his power to him.

My story:
Usually this cart is pointing to so sort of patronage, usage of condescending tone with someone, desire to show your superiority, a rivalry, not intended to defeat but to teach and guide to the right path. A warning here to stop and think, what is that you want to accomplish? Do you wish to irritate and push someone away with your lectures or do you wish for them to listen to you and possibly take your advice? If the latter, then change the way you preach. Most times this card came up in the reading, one person tried to pass on their experience in knowledge to another, but in such a way that their offer of help was rejected. Change the ways you present the information to others and who knows, you might be heard.

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