Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Fool

March 21st

My story:
This card came up when questioning the situation in a family of an aquaintance who recently came across long lost relative. They seemed to realize that situation was more complicated than they could ever have thought, that they were accepting a stranger into their home and that they don't really know this person and should not take the whole situation lightly.

Why did this person suddenly decided to come back into their life? What made them do that and what were their intentions? it might seem simple at the first glance, but I think they are in for a surprise...
Another situation when this card came up was when a person expected somthing would be simple and had no idea that things were much more complicated than they expected. A lot mo0re work is required than originally expected. Things are not always what the appear to be at first.

General Meaning:
A trusting individual who takes a leap of faith thinking things will be "all good", only to find that things are much more complicated than originally anticipated. taking a jump into the void or unknown circumstances.


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  2. Beautiful card - which deck is this from?

  3. Maat Tarot, hence the name of the blog:)