Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Queen of Wands

January 3rd

General Meaning:
Making something out of nothing. Suspended activity.

My story:

To me this card represents a person who makes something out of nothing. One has to be careful around this person for they will turn around anything and everything and use it against you. their tendency to exaggerate is ridiculous.

Here is an example: You have been invited to a party by this woman and you politely decline, explaining that you are extremely exhausted and attending a party would be too much for you, considering your current condition.
Next day you find out that she blew it out of proportioned and accused you of being hateful and raising hell in response to her kind invitation. Queen of Wands tends to break off relationships with loved ones in the heat of the moment and use anything you say against you.
If you tell this woman to say hi to her brother and that you have missed him, she will tell her brother that you are mad at him because he hasn't visited you in a while, even though you never said such a thing

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